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Who is doing this, and why?

I am, because there's hundreds of years worth of fascinating people whose lives have conspired to make mine. All of them have stories, and we still know some of these stories all these years later. Those stories deserve to be told.

Well, who are you then?

Good question. I'm a designer, a relentless organizer of information, endlessly curious, and an adoptee. I like writing and love stories. Curiosity about my heritage led to a desire to organize all the information. Love of a good story led me to present it like this.

But where are all those pedigree charts and family group sheets and stuff like that?

Dig deep enough, and you'll find those here. They help represent the people we don't know much about --- the far-distant ancestors, the great-great-aunts and -uncles, and maybe even a few people that someone else wanted to forget. Some people's stories didn't survive until today. They still deserve to be remembered though, and recording their names and dates is one way to do that.

For the rest of them, charts and data don't do justice to the characters that make up my history! Names and dates record existence; stories make people real. From Gold Rush pioneers to wind power pioneers, from farmers that befriended Abraham Lincoln to men who cheerfully ran liquor during Prohibition, there is much to tell. Fiction isn't half as much fun as the truth!

OK, but this still isn't your real...

We've been through that. The people who raised me were shaped by these ancestors and the lives they lived. My parents, in turn, shaped me with the same values and the same remember-whens that made them laugh and inspired their dreams. Genetic or not, this is my family. Explore it with me!