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Meet The Families

You'd be shaking hands with a lot of people if we were all standing in a room together! Instead, let's try some quick introductions.

The Knightons

In 1850 a young man arrived from England with his family, just in time to celebrate his 12th birthday in a new land. Ten years later we find him looking for gold in Placerville, California, where he would make his living (if never his fortune) for the rest of his days. Lucky for us, David J. Knighton had a passion for politics and the staff of the Mountain-Democrat took frequent notice of him and his family. From Placerville, his descendents made lives for themselves all over California, surviving the San Francisco earthquake and helping kick-start the green energy movement nearly 100 years before it became fashionable.

The Maloneys

Many of those who left Ireland in the mid-19th century left it for forever, willingly or not. James Maloney and Rose Ann McNicholas were different --- they didn't like life in the U.S. and went back to Ireland, having their daughter Rosanna in County Mayo in 1877. Later they were forced to leave Ireland for America once again, and finished raising their large family in Central Illinois not far from the Campbells. James's descendents include businessmen and moonshiners who loved their heritage and lived it well.

The Campbells

The Clan Campbell in Scotland has a long and colorful history. This branch of the Campbells in America are the first of our three families to arrive on U.S. soil. The eldest Campbell stated that he entered the U.S. in 1798, when he was just a toddler --- and an orphan. The Grandmother who descended from him has ancestors on her mother's side that came to the U.S. long before he did! From Scotland to Jamaica, then to New Jersey and finally to central Illinois, Charles Muir Campbell and his descendents traveled the world and shook hands with history.