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A momentary intrusion of technology

Despite the 19th century theme, it took quite a bit of 21st century knowledge to make this site. A few of the sources and methods are listed below for reference.


The website itself is driven by a technology called CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets. There's many ways to build a website, and extensive use of CSS is one of the best ways. You can see it in action here at CSS Zen Garden. The incredible design at CSS Zen Garden was part of my inspiration for making StoryLine look the way it does.

Should you need help while coding a website, is an outstanding resource for general website building.

The paper and ink images used here come from This is a great place to find top-quality photos and graphics for free! (Do check the license agreement on each image to determine whether the artist wants to be credited.)

Genealogy Technology

Dig deep enough on this site, and you'll find an array of charts, reports, data, and lists of all the people in these family lines. That's the magic of PHPGedview, which is a robust open-source solution for genealogy websites. (In plain English, that means it's free and it works great!)

Resources and Information

Of course much of the information here is from family members and personal records, but not all of it. The following resources have proven invaluable in uncovering generations that even the living didn't know about.

The sheer amount of documents at is worth the price of admission. They offer a generous free trial and (in my experience) don't harass users for cancelling or downgrading a membership. also provides a substantial archive of newspapers, which led to the discovery of extensive Knighton coverage at the Placerville Mountain-Democrat. They have published continuously since 1854 and their archived issues proved to be enormously helpful in researching the first generations of the Knighton family in America.

For a general history, the Clan Campbell Society has a wealth of articles on the rich and lengthy Campbell heritage.

A Personal Note

Finally, the most generous thanks and greatest credit is due to the very people to whom this site is dedicated. Specifically, my mother has maintained an extensive collection of family pictures, and my aunt and cousin have preserved many generations of history learned from grandmothers and great-grandmothers that have since passed away. My Dad provided me the creative inventiveness that helped make this site what it is. That quality runs in his family... no DNA required.

Here's to the past, the future, and many more generations!